Campaigns are a lot like setting up a new business. If you have a strong foundation and a good business plan on the front end, your chances of attracting investors and achieving success are greatly enhanced. This section walks you through the basic building blocks of a campaign and offers advice on how to approach your race. We call this the Four M's of a successful campaign.

The Building Blocks


A campaign that is well prepared on the front end has a much better chance of success than a campaign that stumbles out of the gate or has to be reorganized midway through an election cycle. Good campaigns do their homework and are well versed on the four basic campaign building blocks.

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Polling vs Voter Data


It's no secret that leveraging data within a campaign improves it's outcome, but what data should you use and how should you use it? To answer these questions, you must first understand the two fundamental types of data available: Polling Data & Voter Data 

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