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Our services will enable you to know your electorate, prepare a solid plan, and run an effective campaign.

Voter Landscape

Initial Assessment: Should I Run or Not

Campaigns are time consuming, costly, and stressful for the candidates and their families. If you are considering running, then you should know what a campaign entails. Our Initial Assessment can aid your decision process by providing an unbiased fact based evaluation of your potential campaign. There are two parts to the initial assessment.

First, we look at the numbers. We review election history and vote counts in the district, city, or county race you are looking at. We identify voter demographics and political affiliations to forecast voter behavior in relation to your potential candidacy. In short we map out the electoral landscape.

The second part of the assessment is a consultation where we discuss your opponent strengths and weaknesses, your qualifications, and your own strengths and weaknesses. We will go over the budget and infrastructure you will need to run a viable campaign, pitfalls to avoid, what to expect during the campaign process, and any concerns you might have.

Campaign Dossier: Blueprint for Success 

The Campaign Dossier expands greatly on the Initial Assessment Report, providing an analytical assessment of all the voting precincts that make up your electorate. The report and built in consulting hours will help you establish measurable goals for your campaign and determine how to best direct campaign resources. The Campaign Dossier will identify your voter universe, provide guidance in developing your campaign strategy, and determine your budgetary needs.  Included are the up to date targeted mail and walk lists needed to reach your audience, as well as other resources you will need during your campaign.

Action Plans

Voter List: Accurate and Current

Most small to mid-size campaigns and local consultants get voter lists from past elections through the county elections office.  The issue with these lists is how quickly they grow stale.  Voters move in and out of the district every day. Some pass away and new voters are being registered. The point is that the voter base is constantly evolving, and using a static list leads to missed opportunities, wasted time, and unproductive use of resources.

We access sophisticated databases that are both highly accurate and updated frequently.  We build customized lists specifically for your race.


General Consulting: Advice you can trust

There are times when every campaign needs professional advice. This is especially true for first time candidates or candidates making the leap from a small elected office to a more challenging position with a larger electorate.  Brainstorming, strategy development, media purchase decisions, campaign finance issues, budgeting and crisis management are all areas where candidates can use unemotional and fact based recommendations.  We can help you understand the issue(s) you are facing and formulate a game plan to deal with them.

Debates, candidate forums and newspaper editorial review board meetings are an important part of the campaign process and can be stressful even for seasoned candidates. A good performance  indicates you are a solid candidate and should be taken seriously whereas a poor performance can damage your image and your campaign. We can walk you through the basics, help tighten up your introduction and message, build confidence, and ensure you are ready to perform.

Marketing: Strategic Messaging focused on building your brand

Campaigns live and die based on their ability to communicate. The delivery of your message and your speaking points will largely determine if the electorate will prefer you over the rest of the field. There are more things that can go wrong then can go right within the communication process of a campaign. Determining how and when to deliver your message is critical.  Mailers, e-blasts, radio, television, press releases, robocalls, debates and events each provide their own challenges and opportunities. Recognizing which methods are best suited for your unique campaign and your budget will determine how effective your message is in generating votes.

We study your specific race and develop narratives that will educate and persuade your targeted audience to support your campaign. Our goal is to develop a message strategy that not only is easily understood by voters but is also within the budget of your campaign.  A well-crafted message not only highlights your strengths but clearly associates them as meeting the needs of your audience. Whether it is creating a narrative, refining one, or responding to a crisis, Strategic Market Services will help you tell your story and deliver it to the right people.

  • Strategic Messaging
  • Crisis Communications
  • Press Releases
  • Media Management
  • Audience Identification
  • Advertising Audit & Consulting
  • Voter Activation

Digital Media: Engage with voters online

Digital marketing is more than just social media, it is about connecting with voters in a personalized and relevant manner. Your digital platform should expand on the message being delivered from your other media outreach activities. At Strategic Market Services we manage strategic messaging across a variety of channels – both digital and traditional, respond to and initiate dynamic voter interactions, and use voter analytics to make better decisions faster. In short we use technology to move your message forward.

  • E-Mail Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Voter surveys

FUNDRAISING: The fuel to make your campaign run

Reaching voters costs money.  Effective campaigns have a well conceived finance plan which is their road map to raising money.  We offer fundraising consulting and work with you to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy.  Our goal is to determine how much you will need to be competitive, who your donor universe is, and how best to approach them. Our strategies are based on donor identification, content development, and realistic budgeting.

  • Candidate Calls
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Online fundraising