City of San Antonio 2017-2022 Bond Program

Mayor Taylor's 2017 $850 Million Bond Package

Mayor Taylor’s 2017 Bond is the largest in San Antonio’s history at $850 million. It is an increase of 44% from the 2012 $590 million bond. Traditionally the City of San Antonio’s Bond Programs allocate 15% to 20% of the bond towards citywide projects and divide the remaining 80% to 85% among the city’s individual council districts. For example in a $555 million dollar bond 15% or $82.5 million would be earmarked towards citywide projects and the remaining $467.5 million would be split evenly between the ten council districts with each receiving 8% or $46.7 million towards their district projects. Both Mayor Hardberger in 2007 and Mayor Castro in 2012 maintained this policy of investing bond dollars within the individual council districts as the top priority of their bond programs.  In an unprecedented manner Mayor Taylor has decided to deviate from this policy and is putting a record percentage (46% or $390.8 million) of the bond dollars for citywide projects.  In setting new precedents, Mayor Taylor’s Bond has prioritized Urban Core/CityWide projects over the critical district projects.