Building Block #4: Momentum

Bring it all together & Keep building

Momentum is about tipping the scales, building excitement and peaking at the right time.  It comes from effectively combining math, money, and messaging into a dynamic action plan and then executing that plan well. It is also the most difficult building block. Building momentum encompasses planning, strategy, seizing opportunity, turning around a crisis, and projecting a winning attitude.

The expertise Strategic Market Services provides enables campaigns to understand and utilize these basic building blocks. Understanding campaign basics and avoiding common pitfalls makes the campaign process much smoother and lets the candidate focus on communicating with voters.     

We can help you answer many questions like:

  • How many votes do I need to win?
  • Where are the votes going to come from?
  • What does my voter universe look like?
  • How strong is the opposition?
  • How much funding is realistically needed?
  • How do I communicate effectively with voters?
  • When and where do I allocate resources?
  • How do I fundraise?
  • What advertising methods do I need to consider?
  • Should I put in my own money?
  • Should I block walk?
  • How important are endorsements?
  • How do I respond to negative attacks?
  • A consultant told me he can “guarantee” my election. Should I believe him?
  • How important is social media in my campaign?
  • Do I need polling, and can I afford it?
  • How do I design Mailers and Push Cards?
  • How many signs do I need?