Voter Data

Understanding the voters

Voter Analytics should be a basic part of every campaign, from the smallest to largest. Voter analytics uses historical voting data, voter demographics, and consumer behavior information to establish metrics and set benchmarks for a campaign. The data identifies the potential voters in a race, where they live, how they like to vote, and their political ideology. This allows campaigns to create vote goals, identify targeted voter segments, and define areas of strength & vulnerability.

Voter analytics can make or break a small to midsize campaign, especially in a election with a low voter turnout. In some elections, only 7% to 15% of registered voters will actually vote. A campaign that knows precisely who to target, and gets the message to that target audience will have better chances for success, especially if the campaign has a limited budget. Good analytics can help a small budget campaign compete effectively against a better budgeted, but less organized competitor. Always remember the best predictor of whether or not someone will vote is not based on their implied interest in a campaign, their concern over an issue, or their response to a poll. The best predictor is their actual voting history.

Strategic Market Services Inc. specializes in voter and election analytics. Our clients possess the data necessary to operate effective and competitive campaigns.